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Leather cutting solutions

Release time:2021-10-21 Source:Guangzhou xihexi Precision Technology Co., Ltd

※ the leather intelligent cutting machine adsorbs the materials to be cut on the worktable in the form of vacuum adsorption, and projects the cutting graphics on the materials in the form of 1:1 through the HD projector system to achieve high-precision positioning and cutting. The overall intuitive typesetting mode of the projection system can maximize the utilization rate of raw materials and reduce the production cost.
※ the leather intelligent cutting machine is equipped with a multifunctional cutting head, a collection of knives, pens and molds, which can complete the punching, marking, cutting and marking points at one time, integrate the production process and improve the production efficiency.
※ the leather intelligent cutting machine can realize network interconnection, and the edition room and workshop can be seamlessly connected through wired and wireless ways to improve management efficiency.


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