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Cutting solutions in textile and garment field

Release time:2021-10-21 Source:Guangzhou xihexi Precision Technology Co., Ltd

Xihexi precision technology intelligent CNC cutting machine has cutting accuracy reaching zero error of round-trip origin; The cutting speed can reach 1500mm / s, and the operation is safe, stable, accurate and efficient.
Xihexi precision technology has realized and developed the software and hardware system and standard system of personalized intelligent cutting of all kinds of clothing; It solves the problems of strip to grid, pattern to pattern, net collar cutting, single and multi-layer hybrid secondary fine cutting on the same platform, intelligent foil cutting and automatic garment cutting of trousers and knees in the production of garment industry; The software and hardware system of the clothing industry has been developed, and the high-end product and localization of mechanical manufacturing have been realized. The typical cases of comprehensive technology application of enterprise big data, Internet of things, mechanical equipment, informatization and industrialization have been realized, and the integration and innovation of cross-border technologies in the industry have been broken through.

推荐机型:S系列 CC2000S1

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