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How to cut any figure accurately by intelligent garment cutting machine

Release time:2021-10-06 Source:Guangzhou xihexi Precision Technology Co., Ltd

 In the modern high-tech society, enterprises in any industry should constantly reform and innovate, improve the degree of modernization and introduce high technology, so as to remain invincible. Especially in traditional garment enterprises, because most of the cutting methods of garment enterprises are manual cutting, and the most obvious disadvantage of this cutting method is that it can not ensure the cutting accuracy and improve the cutting efficiency. So how can we improve? "Xi and Xi" introduces you an intelligent garment NC cutting machine to meet the diversified needs of the cutting workshop. Its similar products include: intelligent CNC cutting machine, CNC cutting machine and leather cutting machine, which will be introduced one by one later.

The intelligent numerical control cutting machine for clothing is specially designed for the cutting and production of garment industry, plush cloth, sofa, leather, non-woven cloth, plush cloth, etc. it can accurately cut any graphics of a variety of garment Single-layer / multi-layer fabrics, and can be equipped with feeding device to realize continuous automatic cutting of coil materials. The marking and cutting process of garment pieces are completed at one time. Vacuum adsorption and crawler transfer worktable make the material collection and feeding convenient and fast. The cutting fabrics include all kinds of plush fabrics, non-woven fabrics, cotton, linen, chemical fiber and other materials. It can cooperate with the scanner to make samples quickly.

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