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How much is the purchase of intelligent cutting machine in leather industry

Release time:2021-10-06 Source:Guangzhou xihexi Precision Technology Co., Ltd

The leather industry intelligent cutting machine produced by xihexi precision technology company is a kind of data cutting machine with large demand in modern industry. The intelligent cutting machine in the leather industry is equipped with tools for drawing lines, drawing, text marking, indentation, half knife cutting and full knife cutting, which can be completed at one time. It is an intelligent cutting equipment to control the of cutting tools through computers, cut according to the design drawings and the thickness of materials, and press lines automatically after cutting.

Now, there are many brands selling cutting prototypes in the market, and their prices are also different. This is because the quality and precision of intelligent cutting machines in the leather industry of each brand are different. Therefore, we should pay special attention and be more cautious when choosing to buy. The quality is mainly reflected in the computer system technology and the materials of cutting machines. The materials of some manufacturers are imported and of higher quality, which ensures the simplicity of use and the length of use time. The precision is more important, which directly determines the quality of the product. Now in the market, the technology of some brands can not reach high precision.
Function configuration of intelligent cutting machine in leather industry:
1. Programmable multi axis motion controller, with stability and operability reaching the technical level at home and abroad
2. The transmission system of the cutting machine adopts imported linear guide rail, rack and synchronous belt, and the cutting accuracy fully reaches the zero error of round-trip origin
3. Friendly high-definition touch screen man-machine interface, convenient operation, easy to learn, standard RJ45 network data transmission, fast speed, stable and reliable transmission
4. The integrated aluminum platform adopts the composition principle of honeycomb, which is firm, anti-corrosion, durable, sound-absorbing and heat insulation.
5. The welded solid frame adopts welded structure with high stability to prevent deviation due to vibration during cutting.
6. The cutting machine is equipped with emergency stop device and safety infrared sensing device at the four direction corners of the machine body to meet the consideration of equipment safety at home and abroad.
7. Rack and screw rod - Taiwan linear guide rail is used as the transmission rail to ensure stable and high precision operation of the machine at high speed.
8. A set of advanced and fast changing tools has unparalleled diversity. Different tool heads are configured according to the needs of various processing materials.
9. Advanced frequency conversion system is adopted, which saves energy by 30% compared with similar products.
10. The multi-layer feeding rack can feed four rolls of materials at one time, and is equipped with motor and air clamp for accurate feeding.
11. Equipped with CCD HD camera, accurate automatic positioning and fast automatic cutting
12. It is widely used in shoemaking industry, composite materials, luggage industry, advertising and printing industry, electronics industry, decoration industry, furniture industry, etc

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