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What materials can the carton sample cutting machine cut

Release time:2021-10-06 Source:Guangzhou xihexi Precision Technology Co., Ltd

The performance of carton cutting prototype has been greatly improved compared with the original style. Carton computer proofing machine integrates proofing, drawing and other functions, and adheres to the characteristics of mechanical stability, high speed and high precision. It is suitable for the proofing and small batch production needs of packaging enterprises, electronic factories, insulating materials factories, and die factories. It can cut corrugated paper, cardboard, foam board, foam, sponge, leather, cloth and other materials. It is widely praised by customers such as packaging, advertising, printing, cutting tools, electronics, gaskets, marking and other industries.

Carton cutting prototype is also called computer cutting machine. It is a special automatic equipment specially used for box type proofing design of various cartons, color boxes, plastic boxes, etc; Its function is rapid automation. It can make high-quality samples and some small batch orders without molds; Instead of manual proofing in various ways, it is also a necessary product for the development trend of printing and packaging plants to win time and save proofing costs for enterprises; In addition to cutting all kinds of paper, the machine can also cut leather, cloth, rubber and other products.
The carton cutting prototype produced by xihexi precision technology has stable performance and multiple machine fault protection devices, which provides various guarantees for the normal operation of carton cutting machine for a long time, and lays a technical foundation and service foundation for the export of Ruizhou carton cutting prototype at home and abroad. The carton cutting prototype adopts more tool heads to provide customers with various processing scheme choices, which greatly improves the utilization and work efficiency of the equipment.

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