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Application of KT board special-shaped cutting machine in advertising industry

Release time:2021-10-06 Source:Guangzhou xihexi Precision Technology Co., Ltd

The hi tech hi tech company's advertising industry KT plate special-shaped cutting machine is widely used in advertising printing, packaging and other industries. The replaceable tool head configuration can meet different cutting requirements of customers cutting different materials. The cutting materials include all kinds of corrugated paper, Chevrolet, car stickers, back glue, photo frame paper, KT board, gray board, honeycomb panel, acrylic board, PVC board, foam and so on.

The digital high-speed cutting system specially tailored for the advertising industry, with faster, accurate and intelligent automation solutions, can deal with different materials, fully meet the different process requirements of the advertising industry, such as KT special-shaped cutting and automatic drawing, and bring more efficient automatic production experience to the majority of manufacturers.
The vibrating knife cutting technology is adopted without making a knife mold, which saves the cost and time of knife mold manufacturing, management and storage in the process of production and development. It completely bid farewell to the traditional manual knife mold cutting process, completely broke through the bottleneck of the enterprise's dependence on skilled workers, and took the lead in entering the era of digital knife mold free processing.
Multifunctional cutting head design, highly integrated multiple groups of processing tools, interactive cutting, punching and marking can be carried out in one work unit to realize one-stop operation.
It can complete the template cutting with high difficulty, complex style and unable to be realized by knife mold, greatly expand the designer's design space, and create new styles that cannot be imitated by manual cutting, so as to make your template more attractive and make the design truly reach the realm of "not afraid of not doing, but afraid of not thinking".

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